Part Time CTO

IT Management Services for Greater Toronto

tel: 416-953-8694



With 7 years in the industry, I've worked for small and large companies, producing everything from small scripts to high performance financial risk management systems. I've also completed a variety of independent projects both for profit and for fun. If you need something IT related, chances are I either know how to get it done, or I know who to ask. Below are some of the services I offer:

IT Infrastructure

Everything needed to run a business

  • Computer installation and maintenance
  • Network management
  • Backups and security
  • Email, shared drives, calendars
  • Web hosting
  • Databases
  • Application servers

Software Development

Growing the business

  • Management of software development projects
  • Process automation: replacing paper processes with applications
  • Custom-made shopping carts, other complex websites
  • Expansion and integration of existing systems

General Consulting

Hiring first programmer? I can make sure he's not an idiot.

Launching a new business? I can help select the right tools and technologies.

Looking for cloud hosting? I've worked with many providers.

Need someone to promote you on social media? I know who can do it.